Modena Reserve at Kensington

Fascinating speakers. Premium entertainment. Live streaming (in your residence) of fitness classes, cooking demonstrations and concerts. A perfect gathering spot for enjoying gourmet coffee and pastries right outside the Kensington train stop just a short walk from your residence. What will you do today at Modena Reserve at Kensington?

Services & Amenities

Experience the pleasures and rewards of living in an exclusive, 5-star, service focused community.

Let us handle the details, you just enjoy!


The Metropolitan Club

Indulge in homemade, local, gourmet cuisine prepared by our Executive Chef from out Exhibition Kitchen.


Outdoor Courtyard

A gorgeous outdoor area with seating, walking paths, firepits and a water feature


Potomac Fitness and Relaxation Suite

Exercise in our Fitness Center and then decompress and rejuvenate your spirit


The Post Room

Invite family and friends for special occasions and extra special treatment in a private venue


The Capitol Club

Drop by for a soothing glass of wine and nosh on interesting appetizers and conversation starting decor


1790 Lounge

Come up to the 5th floor for morning coffee or an evening cocktail


Kensington Train Station Stop

Steps away from hopping aboard the train to D.C. and lots of fun


K-town Town Art Studio

Showcase your artistic abilities or develop new skills


The BH Warner Theatre

Enjoy live theatre


The District Café

Enjoy locally sourced gourmet coffee in a charming venue


Jackie's Salon

Drop by for a new style or a touchup: we'll never tell


Daily Trash Removal & Bed Making

Allow our housekeeping staff to maintain your residence to your standards



Enjoy local shopping, entertainment and cultural attractions courtesy of our complimentary transportation services. Ride in style while acting socially responsible in a Tesla SUV


Concierge Services

Trust our informed and attentive concierge for assistance scheduling appointments or booking specialized services


Weekly Housekeeping and Laundry

Our trained staff is here to serve you so that you don't need to worry about cleaning your residence or laundering your clothes or linens

Dining & Hospitality

A dining experience reminiscent of a 5-star hotel: Modena Reserve at Kensington rewards you with sublime choices that appeal to all five senses. Exquisite cuisine. Visually intoxicating preparation. Safe and sophisticated socializing. There’s our impressive wine bar with historic local photos and a sliding glass wall for inside/outside happy hours. A tantalizing exhibition kitchen and dining area where our chefs perform magic. Dine inside, or outside, it’s your pleasure. 

Whether it’s a special occasion, a holiday celebration, or simply a special evening out, Modena Reserve at Kensington offers you, your family and friends a culinary experience on par with any country club or fine hotel. 

Safety & Protection Standards

At Modena Reserve at Kensington, our greatest priority is the safety, health and well-being of our residents, their families and our staff. Through every challenge, we will follow rigorous guidelines and leverage state-of-the-art technology to ensure we maintain the highest standards. 


Independent Living is a choice that lets you continue living life as you choose, but without the worries of home maintenance and upkeep, transportation, planning and preparing meals and other daily concerns. Surrounded by others with similar life experiences, you can access an array of life-enhancing amenities and services that add vitality and quality leisure time to your days.

Actually, that’s the best time to move into a retirement community, when you can fully enjoy all the exceptional perks available to you. Free from daily worries with new peace of mind for the future, you can discover new talents, make new friends, travel easily, pursue new levels of wellness and in general, get more out of each day. 

Before you make a decision about Independent Living in a senior living community, it’s best to visit several options. Talk to the staff. Take a tour and try out the food. Do residents look happy and engaged?  Is the atmosphere lively and positive?  Make a list before you visit of everything that matters most to you.

Assisted Living offers individuals assistance with the activities of daily living—such as dressing, bathing, dining, medication management—while still offering every opportunity for maintaining independence. Residents are free to go about their day, knowing a helping hand is available if needed.  

Any person who would appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing assistance is available, whether for daily activities, medication reminders or other daily needs. In addition, if a loved one no longer wishes to live alone, Assisted Living offers security as well as companionship of good neighbors and a helpful staff.

Staying at home can mean being alone, which can be difficult when health needs change or an emergency occurs. Often, you are still dealing with home maintenance, daily tasks, difficulty arranging transportation or preparing meals. Living in Assisted Living frees you from those worries, because just about everything you need is available. And in Assisted Living as exceptional as that at Modena Reserve at Kensington, you have access to a wide array of entertainment, social activities, stimulating programs and more.

Normal forgetfulness is part of the aging process and usually begins in middle age. However, there is there is a great difference between occasionally forgetting your keys and dementia. People with dementia cannot retrieve information and in most cases, lose the ability of how to remember. Dementia can be a variety of diagnosis. The most common is Alzheimer’s, a severe, progressive loss of recent memory and thinking ability.  

A few factors to watch for: a senior who suddenly stops doing a longtime hobby or withdraws. Sudden weight loss. Change in grooming habits. A house in disorder. An inability to follow conversations. If you suspect that your loved one’s memory loss is disrupting their daily routine, it could be time to seek medical advice.

A quality Memory Care program provides countless benefits such as safety, nutrition and professional support. Activities and programs provide mental stimulation and interaction, especially when drawn from that individual’s life experiences. Therapeutic tools such as music and art can awaken the senses and provide moments of personal success. In addition, many Memory Care residents benefit from the enriching ambiance of a senior living community that also includes Independent Living and Assisted Living.

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