Modena Reserve at Kensington

Modena Reserve at Kensington is a senior living community in Kensington, Maryland, offering extraordinary Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. Residents enjoy the highest standards in safety, engaging programs, best-in-class amenities, exemplary service and an abundance of elegance.  

Why Modena Reserve at Kensington?

Excited to keep savoring all the best that life has to offer, but ready to be free from day-to-day concerns? Modena Reserve at Kensington offers you an extraordinary blend of sophistication, excitement, beauty and convenience. This is 5-star hospitality: an unparalleled choice for senior living in the highly desirable location of Kensington, Maryland.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in each area of living; Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Live Exceptional. Every Day.


Core Values

For us, these are not just words on a wall. These are words we live by. They set the tone of Modena Reserve at Kensington and for every Solera Senior Living community.  

  • Communication

    We speak openly and honestly as a collaborative team and proactively appreciate team members for their positive contributions

  • Compassion

    We are empathetic, caring, appreciative, fair and inclusive

  • Commitment

    We consistently strive to exceed service and safety standards and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents, loved ones, guests and colleagues

  • Creativity

    We continuously enhance the ways we serve our community

What makes us different?

It is rare that charm and history can blend so perfectly with exquisite design, state-of-the-art technology, dynamic wellness, and breathtaking surroundings. Modena Reserve at Kensington stands apart for excellence that equals or surpasses the finest hotel or resort. Our desire is for you to feel right at home in the neighborhood you’ve come to love, knowing your expectations for the finest will be met. 

Reflecting the deep local pride in Kensington, our senior living community is a mix of two historic buildings, painstakingly remodeled to preserve their original character, and a new building. Our location next to the Kensington train depot puts you amidst a delightful hub of social activity, energy and opportunities for all generations to mix. 

Meet The Team


Janet Bradley

Executive Director
Janet brings over a decade of experience as an Executive Director in the senior living industry to Modena Reserve at Kensington, having previously led several communities in the Washington, D.C. area for Sunrise Senior Living. All told, her experience in senior living industry spans more than 20 years, including various roles with Marriott Senior Living Services. Janet first entered the senior living work force as a Food and Beverage Director for a large Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). As she worked with the residents and the team at this retirement community, her passion for serving seniors only grew. She quickly advanced to the role of Executive Director, and her many years in this position have been the most rewarding experience of her life. Janet hails from New York, having been born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. She attended the College at Brockport State University of New York (formerly SUNY Brockport) and majored in Fine Arts. After college Janet moved to Durham, NC, where she worked as a cook in restaurants. Four years later she transitioned to the Washington, DC, area, where she’s lived for over 40 years, holding positions as Catering Manager, then Catering Director and eventually Food and Beverage Director for notable hotels. Janet has been happily married for 32 years to her husband, George, who is a professional Magician. She and her husband have two children—a son who is a Chef in Atlanta and a daughter who is a Director of a before-school and after-school childcare center at an elementary school in Montgomery County, MD. Janet enjoys dancing (Latin, swing and international folk) cooking, movies and walking her Goldendoodle, Allie. She is looking forward to working with Solera Senior Living to create an exceptional experience at Modena Reserve at Kensington every day for all residents, families and friends.
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Elena Benedetti Price

Director of Sales and Marketing
Elena loves being in on things from the beginning, having been part of opening new communities before in her 27 years in senior living and 40+ in sales. Modena Reserve at Kensington was no exception. “I love helping families and their loved ones with one of their most important decisions,” she says. “It’s important for them to know that this can be a new and exciting chapter. My goal is to ensure that each person feels their needs will be met when they move into the community.” While each of Solera’s core values is important, Elena especially connects with compassion. “Listening to families and prospective residents, understanding what they are going through, their hopes and fears, and what matters most to them as they think of making a move to a senior living community—it’s a true job of compassion.” Elena has learned a great deal from the many residents she has assisted. “I love the connection, their stories, getting to know their kids, grandkids and even their pets. Everyone becomes part of the Modena Family and it is a big part of my life every day.” Speaking of family, Elena credits her Italian heritage for her love of cooking, spending Sundays with the entire family, and her current guilty pleasure: helping plan her son’s wedding. She also loves listening to the Dave Matthews Band, watching favorites movies like Moonstruck and Rudy, and reading. Great Dane/Aussie mix, Roxy, keeps her busy with excursions to dog parks. Perfect vacation? A good book either at the ocean with a nice breeze or at the mountains surrounded by beautiful fall foliage, all shared with family and friends.

Mimi Christenson

Director of Life Engagement
Mimi loves to engage with seniors. In her previous six years in senior living as an Activity and Volunteer Coordinator, she learned a great deal from the people she served. “I love interacting with residents,” she says. “I learn so much about life and history. I have loved being around seniors since I was a child.” Now as Director of Life Engagement at Modena Reserve at Kensington, Mimi can put her skills and experience to even greater use. “Compassion is the core value that speaks most to me,” she says. It’s clear that Mimi is very good at what she does. She came to Modena Reserve after a new resident—who previously lived in a senior living community where Mimi was working— let her know about the opportunity to work with Solera. Free time for Mimi can include running, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. She can watch the movie “Fifth Element” 1,000 times. Guilty pleasures? Spicy foods and collecting and wearing all kinds of boots.

Alonso Roche

Culinary Director
Alonso has a confession to make: he’ll easily eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s “Phish Food” ice cream if you let him! Guilty pleasure aside, he loves bringing joy and evoking memories through food. And as Culinary Director, he has many opportunities to do so. In fact, his professional goal is to make connections with people and communities through his cooking. He’s worked in the culinary field for 20+ years, having earned a Culinary degree from L’Academie de Cuisine, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Ithaca College. In his spare time, Alonso likes to watch Hollywood musicals, Star Wars and James Bond Films, and cook comfort food. A perfect vacation for him would be “eating my way through Japan.” Alonso and wife, Maria, have two children and four cats. And most likely, lots of ice cream in the freezer.

Byron Izama

Restaurant Manager
Byron is passionate about new experiences, which is one reason he was attracted to Solera: it gave him an opportunity to experience starting a restaurant from scratch. And as Restaurant Manager at Kensington, he’s taken that experience and created fabulous dining opportunities that rival any 5-star hotel. Much of his inspiration comes from the many opportunities he has to learn from residents; about their careers and life in general. And having grown up with his grandmother, he holds the core value of compassion close to his heart, while also having a strong belief in the power of commitment. Byron brings more than 15 years of experience in senior living to his role, gaining personal satisfaction from working and being successful at what he does. When he’s not overseeing dining, you might find him enjoying a quick escape to the beach, drawing, spending time with his mother, going on walks, or hiking. Dream vacation? Roatan, an island in Honduras. With a cold beer.

Mary Johnston

Sales Counselor
All roads have led Mary to Modena Reserve at Kensington. “My life has come full circle and I’m exactly where I’ve always been meant to be,” she says. Her journey to senior living includes very special memories of growing up with her grandmother, as well as volunteering in assisted living as a teenager and guiding her mother through both assisted living and hospice. Her journey has given her unique insight into helping families navigate senior living. “As a sales counselor, I use my experience to help families make the decision that is right for them. As move-in coordinator, I help both residents and families feel welcome and informed.” Through it all, compassion is Mary’s personal north star. “Showing respect for everyone, no matter where they are in their journey or how they got there, is important to me.” Mary earned her BA in Communications from American University. She loves spending time with her family, as well as playing tennis, getting outside, traveling, and reading—she’s been in the same book club for 25 years. Guilty pleasure? Watching The Voice on television and dreaming of singing in a band. Perfect vacation? Beach. Beach. Beach. (Or a safari). As long as her family is there.

Karen Page

Director of Wellness
Solera Senior Living’s commitment to delivering exceptional care to seniors definitely drew Karen to Modena Reserve at Kensington, but she already was on board in her heart. She became a nurse to honor her love for her grandmother. “She was always very special, and when her condition declined following a stroke, it was my honor to care of her,” says Karen. It’s one reason why the core value of compassion is something Karen holds dear. “You have to put yourself in the resident’s shoes and understand what they are going through. Listening to their stories made me realize we are all one in the same, though each resident’s needs differ. These differences can bring us together and make our community inclusive and welcoming.” Karen has 18 years of experience in senior living. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Chamberlain University and her Associate Nursing degree from Prince George’s Community College. Spare time is busy as well. Karen loves to dance, cooks “a mean jerk chicken,” and plays an active role in women’s ministry in her church. She loves to spend time with her husband, four children, and three grandkids. Favorite vacation? Jamaica, where her family is. Also traveling and cruising parts of the Caribbean. Favorite quote? “Love conquers all things!”

Thomas Gamble

Director of Building Operations
Overseeing building maintenance and operations of Modena Reserve at Kensington is a big job, but for Thomas, it’s really the small things that bring him the greatest satisfaction. “I enjoy the little moments when I can make a resident smile or improve their day in a small way,” says Thomas, who was raised by his great-grandmother and has always had a passion for helping the senior community. “I also have great memories of visiting the senior community where my mother was a nurse.” Creativity is important to Thomas, especially finding creative solutions to challenges and thinking outside the box. And when it comes to spare time, you’ll probably find Thomas outdoors with his family. In fact, he especially enjoys hiking with them in search of waterfalls. He’s also a fan of sushi and any type of racing. Perfect vacation? A cabin on a lake with his wife and three sons.

Jim Elchynski

Sales Counselor
Solera Senior Living’s passion for providing seniors with best-in-class services is what attracted Jim to Modena Reserve at Kensington. “The community is stunning and is matched with caring and involved residents,” he says. “There is real sense of community between both residents and team members.” As a sales counselor with 30 years in sales in healthcare and in senior living, Jim appreciates the connections and relationships that can form with seniors and their families. “Building trust and rapport is essential.” He also holds the core value of commitment in high regard. “For me, commitment represents dedication, reliability, and unwavering support; a willingness to invest time and effort to be there for someone even in the face of challenges or obstacles.” Jim earned his BS from Towson University in Maryland. For him, spending time with his wife, Janet, and daughters Sara and Emily in the great outdoors brings him the greatest happiness. He also enjoys fishing, cooking and grilling, football, movies, landscaping, and a wide range of music. And don’t forget time with Bodie the dog and Dash the cat. Perfect vacation? A cabin in the woods next to a stream in the middle of nowhere, accompanied by family and canine companion, with time for cooking on an open fire, fishing, and hiking, and for sure, relaxing on a hammock.

Aaliyah Whitley

Business Office Manager
Commitment is the driving force behind Aaliyah. She’s dedicated to what she does, which is to come in every day and serve residents in her capacity as Business Office Director. “I enjoy being completely hand’s on with both team members and residents,” says Aaliyah. She especially appreciates how Solera promotes from within. “I came to Solera as a Concierge and worked very hard to learn all aspects of the Business Director position, which I now hold,” she says. “I’ve always had an interest in senior living because of my relationship with my grandmother.” When she’s not busy with the business of Modena Reserve at Kensington, Aaliyah likes to spend time with her children Aaden, Amari and Amir, as well as her grandmother, Helen. (And don’t forget pittie, Skylar, as well as Scrappy, the bearded dragon.) She also loves watching Greys Anatomy over and over, as well as dining at her favorite restaurant. Perfect vacation? Going to Bali. Guilty pleasure: brownies right out of the oven.

Our Manager

Solera Senior Living has a singular focus: to develop, own and operate communities that will inspire a better quality of life for seniors. With personalized service, engaging programs, and best-in-class amenities, Solera’s innovative approach elevates the entire senior living experience.


Our Partners

At Modena Reserve at Kensington, we believe in working closely with the surrounding community to afford our residents important opportunities. Aligning with local colleges will enhance our continuing education offerings. Partnering with kindergarten and secondary schools can lead to reading groups and mentoring programs. Connecting with local hospitals will allows us to create a preferred provider network for everything from hospital care to home health services to pharmaceuticals in order to improve the coordination of care and outcomes for our residents. As more opportunities for partnerships emerge, Modena Reserve Kensington is ready to serve as a strategic partner.

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